Wholesale Compost Worms

At Regeno, we provide wholesale and dropshipping services for compost worms across Australia.   

Dropshipping for Nurseries

We work with Nurseries, Ecomeece stroes. organise all branding, 


Professional While Label Dropshipping


The demand for composting worms has exploded in Australia over the last 10 years, and here at Regeno, we don't see that trend slowing down any time soon. 




Whats driving the Growth of Compost Worms?

- Pressure at Federal, State and Local Level Government to reduce organic waste in landfills. 

- Growing environmental concern from citizens on the emissions from organic matter in landfills. 




With Councles now under proessure to reduce, anf the consumer becoming more aware of the need to reduce landfil organic waste, worms are set for an explosion of groth in the coming years. 

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